30 Oct 2009

Food not to miss when in Thailand

Rotee. Also written Rote, or Roti. Simple pancake filled with something of your choice: Egg and banana seems most common, I prefer just banana myself, but there is in many cases many choices, or just point at what the person before you had and say "same" - that's most of the time the way I order food myself anyhow. Mainly a dessert I would say. I skip the condensed milk with it, otherwise often sprinkled over the dish.

Sticky rice with mango. DE-LI-CI-OUS! Eaten as dessert. But sticky rice can be eaten with a multitude of food; pork, veggies, chicken, other fruits.

Papaya salad! Made with unripe papaya which is cut in pieces looking like cabbage and then mixed in a mortel where chilies, tomatoes, spicy sauces and some other stuff is already mixed together. Spicy (but you can get it more western style by asking for less chili). There is a Thai name for it too but I can't seem to remember it now. S...something... (Updated: Somtum is the name!)

If you are up in the Chiang Mai area you must also try the local specialities, spicy sausages, made with meat and rice and spices. Try the Sunday market, the food quarters around the temples (the Sunday market is in the old town, starts at the eastern gate sort of in the middle (north - south/up-down if you look at the map)) and at the very east border, I'll try to add a picture when I'm back at home.
Durian, stinky fruit. Just so that you can say that you tried it. Buy some from a street vendor, try it. If you don't finish it, throw it away before getting to the hotel, they don't tend to like it in hotels... I personally didn't find it that stinky and I liked the taste, but it may smell different in a dryer, colder climate, what do I know.

Tom Yam soup, hot and spicy soup with seafood (can also be with chicken but I believe seafood is more common). This is a sort of national dish for Thailand and sold everywhere so I think everybody should try it once. I chose this for lunch from time to time.

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